The little boy counts it out on his fingers and said, "Seven."

You don't have to wince like that. I'll fix it so it doesn't hurt.

We felt very helpless.

Daniel must've left it around here somewhere.


She went to Italy for the purpose of studying music.


How long will the flight time be?

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She cooks for him every day.

That's the person I told you about yesterday.

I like the way she laughs at my jokes.


I have nothing to say to any of you.

My plan is working perfectly.

I'd like to make myself useful.

What they say doesn't matter to us.

I cannot hate you.

Isn't today your birthday?

Have you made a decision?


Pat is not as good as he thinks.

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I just happened to be there at that time.

Raja said he wasn't sure he could do it.

Drop of my blood.


I want to sing to his piano accompaniment.

He took no notice of his friend's advice.

He is a man of the world.

Mormons hate coffee and tea.

I was hoping I wouldn't run into Herbert.

This acid is extremely important in the industry and the laboratory.

The teacher should be very patient with her students.


My dear child, stay down here, otherwise the mean geese will bite you to death.


That's not such a bad idea.


Rodney was handsome when he was in his twenties.


What the fuck?

The doctor urged the patient to stop smoking.

A couple of new guests entered the room.

Who wrote this sentence?

It's nothing worth considering.

It really is a good replica.

Takayuki is about thirty now.


The problem was very difficult.


We like to listen to birds singing.

I'm fed up with all their lies.

I'll go do that.

Roxie and I aren't engaged.

If you were to fall from that bridge, it would be almost impossible to rescue you.


The streets are empty because a storm is approaching the neighborhood.

They can't act.

Sri used to be a member of the bomb squad.

But I had another advantage in it.

I'm so glad Moe won the race.

You're absolutely perfect, in every way.

We're not going to catch him.

All Chet does is watch TV.

Jennifer never even saw us.

If he is innocent, it follows that his wife is guilty.

That makes me very happy.

I lost my way in the forest.

I admire his aristocratic manners.

Your car's totally wrecked.

You seem to have it all figured out.


Where's your suitcase?

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Bring her home.

Where does he live?

The house Shankar built is wonderful.

Did you paint these?

Juan is never getting out of prison.

There's nothing unusual about that.

Are you sure you feel OK?


He was reading a book at that time.

They have to fix the water pipe. It's clogged.

Just tell Monty how you feel.

I'll bring them home.

How much are we short?

I want to see Julia first.

They were treating me so rudely that I suddenly just lost it.

If the hem of your shirt falls below the fly of your trousers, it is too long, according to many fashion experts.

I'm going to my house.

I'm not going out.

I demand that you cease and desist from sending unsolicited emails.

Peter would never hurt Jenine.

There are many places you should see in Kyoto.

Do you like my new straw hat?

I can always get more.


A year later, he visited the Soviet Union.

You know where to reach me if you have any problems.

You're a great kisser.

In Japan solar heat is used more for solar water heaters than for electricity generation.

Just remember to have fun.

What will people think?

I do not have anything in my bag.

In the great square, the boldest among the boys would often tie their sledges to the country people's carts, and go with them a good way.

I'd like to change the date to tomorrow night.

Mike, stop sending me weird pictures! In fact, why don't you stop sending me anything at all.

I hate when that happens.

I'm going to throw her out.

Danielle packed his bags.

Raymond didn't eat any more than usual.

I wish Hughes was here with me today.

He doesn't have as many books as she does.

I would have failed but for his help.

She fainted when she heard the terrible news.

Our eyes met.

My house is big.

I went to bed a little later than usual.


He can't speak much English.

It seems pretty easy.

Picasso painted this painting in 1950.


Writing is useful.


"What is it that you liked about her?" "I don't know. She seemed mysterious."

This is the free one.

Don't be so superficial about such serious issues.

Luke had to look after Linder.

Linda knew about Dan's affair.

I want to drink milk.

Pam didn't pay for it.


He looked me in the eye.


Gigi was beaten to a pulp.


That makes no sense.

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Lynnette forced me to go.

It's great to meet you.

Why are you accusing me unfairly?

An Olympic gold medal is probably the most coveted sporting prize.

The entire city was without electricity.


He didn't buy it.

If I don't get to Boston for the convention, my boss will fire me.

If I'm able to meet you I'll do it.


Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

He has been in deep water since he got fired from his job.

The president is presently in Miami.

I told you before that's impossible.

I'm still trying to figure it out.

My uncle told me the story by way of a joke.

Allergic reactions is a problem caused by additives.

This song reminds me of my junior high school days.

Bea started shaking uncontrollably.

The former president of a certain association has been arrested on suspicion of breach of trust.

Joan is running in the city.

I'd like to think Byron is a friend.

It is likely to rain.

What did Henry Ford sell?

You guys are Swedish.

Don't make this any rougher than it has to be.

She considered him to be a blessing.

I didn't know you couldn't speak French.

He buggered it up.


We really need to talk to her.


There wasn't a single picture on the wall.


Ray is someone I admire.

Thousands of families were left homeless.

I've never really liked Antony very much.

Let's stay home and watch TV.

Where did you see those women?


Take this medicine in case you get sick.

Write your address, please.

It didn't have to end like that.

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Christ died once for all humans.


Are you thinner?

I cleaned up after the party.

Every Olympus has a byroad to its top.

Let me be nervous about this.

The lawsuit remains undecided.

You should wash this.

Any input would be appreciated!

She should not have married Donn.

They enjoy the benefits of a great reputation.

Do you want to give me a heart attack or what?

If UFOs were to attack the earth, what would become of us?

Why quit now?

On the fifteenth of August, thousands of people fly kites.